Our Procedure


We listen to you

In the first stage, we listen,
note your needs and wishes,
as well as your budget. Our goal
is to make your dreams come true.


Costed Proposal

In Novicon, our primary objective is to create life relationships.
To create such relationships, the main ingredient is transparency
and commitment to the best result, within your budget.

Thus, you are provided with a detailed proposal, which includes:

  • Analysis of the tasks
  • Cost of the tasks
  • Analysis of proposed materials
  • Working team
  • Schedule
  • Schedule insurance and guarantee of your budget

We record -
We capture

At this stage, a specialized team depicts your space with accuracy.


Analyze –
Compose working teams

Based on the specifications agreed, immediately after, we analyze them
and we set up the appropriate working groups that will meet your needs
in the most efficient way. Depending on the style and the use of space,
suitable architects, decorators and engineers will work on a proposal
tailored for you.


Construction and
monitoring of a project


Quality control

The new living space
is ready to welcome you!